Javita Review

Javita Instant Gourmet Coffee Review -

I could write on and on about how great these products are but I'm a Javita distributor and have a biased opinion. Instead, I decided to post the most frequently asked questions because I think they are of great value to you.

How much Javita can I drink?

Your body will tell you when you have had enough Javita because of the caffeine and theobromine in Javita. Some people are very sensitive to caffeine and may need to limit their Javita to 1/2 a packet until their body gets used to it. Many people have been drinking coffee for years and can drink three or four cups of Javita and not feel "buzzed". Weight loss is achieved by most people drinking just one cup of Javita a day.  My husband has lost 24 lbs and he mixes one of our sticks of Javita coffee into his already brewed coffee every morning.  On occasion he drinks it in the evening and sleeps soundly through the night.

How often should I drink Javita Burn & Control to lose weight?

It is important that you drink Burn & Control once a day. The effects of the Yerba Mate up-regulating the metabolism are cumulative and when you skip drinking a cup a day you are slowing and possibly stopping the beneficial increase in your metabolism. Many people make Burn & Control an important part of their weight loss program and drink it twice or three times a day, depending on their body's tolerance and reaction to caffeine and theobromine. Caffeine and theobromine tolerance typically increase over time.

Will my body shape change?

Yes. As your metabolism increases and the fat burning & blocking effects of Javita Burn & Control take hold, you will notice parts of your body getting smaller and love handles slowly disappearing. Be patient, some people see rapid weight loss, then over the course of 6 to 10 weeks they see their body shape improving. Other people do not see appreciable weight loss in their first 4 to 6 weeks but notice their body slimming down or some body parts getting smaller. Women frequently see their rear end, hips and thighs reducing and sometimes their breasts too. Men usually see the belly decrease which is extremely important because most of the time that belly fat is inside the abdomen and around the organs. That type of fat is the most dangerous type of fat.

How much weight can I lose and when?

Every person's body, diet, nutritional uptake and physical activity is different. We cannot predict how much weight you will lose or when you will lose it. The average weight loss is 8 to 10 lbs per month and the weight loss ranges from 5 lbs per month to over 20 lbs per month. Your body may respond primarily to the increase in metabolic rate by burning more calories or respond to the fat blocking mechanism or to appetite suppression. If at least one cup of Javita is consumed daily we typically see weight loss begin by the end of the first week and weight loss accelerates for the next couple of weeks due to the increasing metabolic rate.

Does everybody lose weight?

Yes, eventually everybody loses weight when consuming one cup a day of Javita Burn & Control coffee. In order not to lose weight, you would have to increase the volume and caloric content of the food you eat or change your lifestyle, i.e.- become more sedentary or stop physical activities or exercise routines. Even then, most people report no weight gain as their metabolic "set point" has been raised by the Yerba Mate and their body consumes more calories which offsets the negative changes in their lifestyle.

When does the weight loss stop?

The Yerba Mate helps your body's metabolic rate to increase and your body will establish a new "set point" for your weight. Once your body reaches that "set point" your weight typically stabilizes and to continue to lose weight you would need to increase your physical activity or decrease the calories you are consuming or both. Some people reach their new "set point" in a couple of months and some continue to lose weight for many months, there are too many variables to give you a better answer.

Will it help with "toxic fat"?

Toxic fat is adipose tissue (fat) that your body has stored toxins in and then toughened the cell membrane to make it less permeable, thereby protecting the body from those stored toxins. There are many different ways to detox the body if you think you want to go that route. There is a Cleanse Soup Recipe for anyone wanting to do a 7-day cleanse. It works well, is easy & affordable.

Are artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose (Splenda) a good idea for weight loss?

The holistic health industry adamantly states that artificial sweeteners are VERY bad for your health and will confuse your insulin system and result in weight gain, not weight loss. For more information visit www.Mercola.com. This is the website of Dr. Joseph Mercola in Chicago, Illinois. He stays up with the research in health and nutrition and is a unique blend of conventional doctor and holistic healing. Do a search on "artificial sweeteners" and read that material.

I don't feel hungry when I take Javita, should I skip meals?

Skipping meals is a bad idea because your body will start hoarding food and store more fat. This is a hard-wired mammalian response that is beyond your control. It is better to eat multiple small meals throughout the day, optimally eating something every 4 hours, just don't make it high caloric or sugary.

I sometimes feel a little dizzy when I drink 2 cups of Burn and Control coffee?

Typically we find that people drinking multiple cups of Burn and Control tend to skip meals which can result in low blood sugar. Make sure you eat some decent snacks every 4 hours, especially if you are skipping meals.

Can I lose too much weight?

Your body will establish a balance point as your metabolism stabilizes at a higher level and as your fat stores decrease. Most "fit" people and athletes who drink Javita appreciate the additional energy and endurance and have not found excessive weight loss to be a concern. It is easy to increase your food consumption and regulate the balance of fats, carbs and protein you consume if you feel that you don't want to lose any more weight.