Saturday, April 19, 2014

Javita Weight Loss Coffee Ingredients

Javita Weight Loss Coffee Ingredients
Gluten-Free & Kosher Certified & All Natural
Burn and Control is the Javita weight loss coffee made from beans grown in South America, and infused with herbs resulting in several health advantages. It helps decrease belly fat, helps emotional eaters balance mood, helps manages the stress hormone cortisol, and ensures your appetite is in control. Over time, you will notice a shift in your eating behaviors as you move toward healthier eating choices . This all natural gourmet coffee is a healthy way to lose weight. The three main ingredients in the Javita coffee are natural herbs including; black coffee, garcinia cambogia and yerba mate.

1. Black Coffee

Javita’s black coffee provides several health benefits to those consuming it in relation to weight loss. The benefits include;

· Contains No Sugar, Additives or Dairy

Javita black coffee will assist you to lose weight in case you are in need of a low calorie drink resulting into thermogenesis that leads to faster burning of calories.

Boosts Your Physical Energy, Alertness And Mental Clarity

It increases the amount of energy in your body, will make you work for a longer period, be alert and have a clear mind at all times. It also ensures that all your physical activities are carried out with much ease for a long time resulting to enormous weight loss.

Enhances Weight Loss

Drinking coffee with a meal will definitely make you feel like eating less food. When the additional herbs are included in the Java coffee a great delivery system has been created for the garcinia cambogia and yerba mate.

Black Coffee Lessens Amount of Fluid Held In Your Body

Taking black coffee cuts down on the amount of fluids your body carries, which brings out the notion that you have reduced your body weight, even though you will not have dropped any fat.

2. Garcinia Cambogia

This is a natural herb that is added to coffee as an ingredient to suppress one’s appetite. It is found majorly in several parts of Asia, Central America and South America as well. Its health benefits include;

· It Acts as an Appetite Suppressant

It holds back someone’s urge to eat, and thus resulting in weight loss.

· Restricts the Body from Converting Carbohydrates into Fat

When your appetite is suppressed, the combustion of calories increases and the body cannot convert excess carbohydrates into fats to be stored in the body.

· Production of Body Energy

When the body is limited to converting carbohydrates into fats, the burning of calories allows releasing of energy that can be used by the body.

3. Yerba Mate

It stimulates the central nervous system, which contains several nutrients and caffeine. It contains several chemical compounds that alter the metabolism of the body. The health benefits include;

· Uses Carbohydrates More Efficiently

It contains several chemical compounds like antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, polyphenols and amino acids that ensure that the human metabolic system makes use of carbohydrates efficiently to produce energy.

· Production of Energy

Since the metabolic system makes good use of the carbohydrates in the body, a lot of energy is released and will allow you to work for longer hours.

· Prevents Lactic Acids from Accumulating in Muscles

With the regular consumption, Yerba mate stimulates through the coffee and it prevents lactic acids from accumulating in your body muscles as it may lead to low physical activities and healing time.

· Stimulates Faster Filling Up of the Stomach

It ensures that your stomach is filled up quickly while eating food, thus preventing increase in weight.

· Slows Digestion

It reduces the digestion speed of the food in your stomach, thus causing it to remain completely full for a long time.

· Prevents Fat Accumulation

It burns more calories by boosting metabolism in your body to release energy, hence preventing your body from adding weight.

· Appetite Suppressant

It prevents you from eating a lot of food by reducing your appetite, and thus enabling more calories to be burned while energy is released. This leads to loss of weight.

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