Monday, December 16, 2013

Coffee Talk!

Javita Coffee Company has hit the ground running with their gourmet weight loss coffee, Burn & Control.

For this reason TEAMMATES ARE WANTED and no experience is necessary. In just a few short months my Javita business has grown to include distributors in the US, Canada, Mexico and Sweden. Why? Because the total amount of money spent by importing coffee to the U.S. alone each year is 4 billion. And another 1.1 billion people worldwide are overweight and struggling to find something that is simple and effective that works. Javita weight loss coffee has the answer and for most people they do not have to change one thing in their lifestyle since they are already drinking coffee.

Javita has a very lucrative compensation plan and the timing to help spread the word is NOW!

View and enjoy this Javita presentation. It will walk you through the history of the company, the products and the timing.

Join the FUN and let us help you reach your financial goals.