Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Don't Have Time To Exercise!

Why Do You Need To Exercise?
Regular exercise gets your heart beating faster which helps raise your metabolism. That is my simple answer.

If you remember from other articles I’ve written, raising your metabolism helps your body burn fat efficiently. And there is even better news – after you are done exercising your metabolism stays high for several hours afterward. Let’s look at what that means to you. By simply adding an aerobic exercise like walking 20 minutes, three or more times a week, you can increase your metabolic rate for an additional eight to ten hours a week! That’s huge!

More Good News  

By adding exercise for just 20 minutes a day you can greatly affect how you feel about yourself and experience an increase in mood. And that means a good mood:) I’m a walker and I call my walk the 20 minute “God walk” because I clear my head during this time and get focused on what matters most to me. Being an emotional eater I have found incorporating 20 minutes of activity into my day helps me stay away from foods I would normally crave during the day.. Research has shown that exercise raises chemicals in your brain like dopamine, endorphin's and serotonin. These brain chemicals work together as a team to make you feel good.

The Extra Bonus

Doing just 20 minutes of activity a day can increase your success on any weight loss plan. Any form of exercise helps decrease your stress hormones and can make it easier to lose weight especially if you are a person who tends to have abdominal weight gain. When you combine exercise with our meal replacements….your body changes.

Small Activities Produce Big Results

Find little things to do by incorporating the simplest movements into your day. If you have a desk job, etc. up and move around the office for 10 minutes, three times during the day. While watching television, use ankle weights and do some legs lifts. Several sets of 15 reps at a time will work.

Work in your favorite exercise for 20 minutes. All of the Medifast meals are designed to be low-glycemic and when you add them into your lifestyle along with exercise…good things happen to your body.





When you combine any kind of exercise into your lifestyle while on the Medifast diet plan you will see big results and feel in control.

Still Can’t Find Time

Your body will reap numerous benefits just by becoming more active. 10 minutes intervals worked into you day will reap big rewards.

Start out slow. When I began my first exercise regime I wrote on index cards notes reminding myself to do push-ups. I placed the cards on my bathroom counter so I’d see them every morning as soon as I woke up.  Let me tell the beginning I could only do a few.  That one small change, over time gave me shapely arms.

Just remember keep it simple and do SOMETHING!

From Your Coach – Lennie Campbell


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