Friday, March 15, 2013

A Junk Food Nation

That’s what we are being called. When you think about the acronym for the Standard American Diet it is SAD. 

In 2012 the CDC (Center for Disease Control) issued a report stating that more than two-thirds (68%) of Americans adults are either overweight or obese. The numbers can be staggering when you look at the reports. In 2009, about 2.4 million more adults were obese than in 2007. Now in every state, more than 15% of adults are obese, and in 9 states, over 30% of the adults are obese! Two states, Hawaii and Colorado use to be exempt from the statistics but now they, too, join the ranks with 15% of adults being obese.

Decrease Portion Sizes

Most dietary guidelines encourage everyone to enjoy their food, but focus on eating less. The picture above is a great illustration of what types of food s and their portions size relevant to a 7 inch plate.

Study after study shows how the amount of food you eat or drink plays vital role in how much energy you have available to use throughout the day. Most Americans eat and drink more due to the amount of food they are served. For a helpful exercise to help your own health, pay attention to all the servings sizes you are served for one week. This includes meals at home and in restaurants. Being aware of smaller portions and choosing to decrease the amount you eat for each meal can help you lose weight and keep it off.

The pattern of eating too much food at one time is a habit that is keeping America fat. Portions have increased over time. It has come on so slowly over time that many do not realize how much they are eating. Some meals like a bagel can include your entire days total for grains. That bagel seems like such a small food item

I've included the USDA guidelines to follow to help with your portion control below.

Figure out how big your portions really are:

  •  Measure how much the bowls, glasses, cups, and plates you usually use hold. Pour your breakfast cereal into your regular bowl. Then, pour it into a measuring cup. How many cups of cereal do you eat each day? 
  •  Measure a fixed amount of some foods and drinks to see what they look like in your glasses and plates. For example, measure 1 cup of juice to see what 1 cup of liquid looks like in your favorite glass. 
  • To see what 1 cup, ½ cup, or 1 ounce of some different foods looks like, visit the food gallery and find some of the foods you eat in each group. 
  •  Prepare, serve, and eat smaller portions of food. Start by portioning out small amounts to eat and drink. Only go back for more if you are still hungry. 
  • Pay attention to feelings of hunger. Stop eating when you are satisfied, not full. If there is still food on your plate or on the table, put it away (or throw it out). Repeat the phrase "a moment on the lips, a year on the hips" as you do this. 
  • A simple trick to help you eat less is to use a smaller plate, bowl, or glass. One cup of food on a small plate looks like more than the same cup of food on a large plate. 
  • It is important to think about portion sizes when eating out. Order a smaller size option, when it's available. Manage larger portions by sharing or taking home part of your meal. 
  • If you tend to overeat, be aware of the time of day, place, and your mood while eating so you can better control the amount you eat. Some people overeat when stressed or upset. Try walking instead of eating, or snack on a healthier option. For example, instead of eating a bag of chips, crunch on some celery, or instead of eating a bowl of ice cream, enjoy a low-fat yogurt with fresh blueberries. Making healthier choices is better for your weight and can also help you feel better. 
From Your Diet Diva


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