Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weight Loss Success - Dan's Amazing 100 + Story

I had been slowly adding weight, in particular over the last decade, until my weight was North of 320. I'm not sure how much higher I got than that, but did hit 320, and I was miserable. I was tired, sick, sedentary, and realized I was sending myself to an early grave. I'd tried a few diets without success, and was contemplating gastric bypass surgery.

Then I saw my friend Mike Schiebel, who I'd not seen in 4 months, and he was down 35 pounds. He was slim, had abs, and I was astounded. Basically, I said, "Whatever you did, sign me up!" ...and that was TSFL. He explained the MediFast 5+1 plan and the coaching, and I decided to give it a try. I would commit myself to 30 days, and see if I saw a change, and would continue. I also made a deal with my wife -- if I dropped 100 pounds, I could get a Harley, since long-term super-obesity is more dangerous than riding a motorcycle. If I could no longer be obese, I could have a bike! 

After I dropped 28 pounds in 30 days, I was hooked. Over the next 6 months, I lost an average of 10.9 ounces per day, and achieved my first goal, dropping 100#, and then my second goal, 1-der land!

Losing weight is a learning experience.

I'm still working to get to maintenance, because I went to transition at 177 pounds and messed up, and quickly packed on 30 pounds (!!!!!) which I'm really bummed about. But, I know the plan works, and I'm back on the plan. Meanwhile, I have energy, and many people tell me I dropped 10 years when I dropped 100 pounds, and I believe them.  I feel much younger, like I did in my 30's. I'm much more active now, playing and wrestling with the kids, exercising and enjoying life.

And, yes, I got a 2008 105th Anniversary Edition Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe that I ride ALL the time. In fact, I only drove to work 4 times last year after getting my Harley. I may never hit 175, because I've started lifting weights, running and training to achieve the Ohio Peace Officer Academy entrance exam, a goal that was unattainable for me previously.

Read how dramatically Dan's 100 pound weight loss impacted his health!

Before the TSFL plan my life was sedentary and I had lots of health problems - sleep apnea, hypertension, pre-diabetic/hypoglycemia, high cholesterol. All that is now gone. Trigylcerides down from 660 to 61, cholesterol down from 240 to 113, blood glucose down from 239 to 81, HDL up from 21 to 49, blood pressure now steady at 114/62. Before, I had 14 of 15 biometrics in the danger zone, all are now normal. Susan Schiebel is my coach, and has been the key to my success, she's been awesome. She communicates with me however I need it - usually SMS text, email or Facebook, with a few face-to-face and phone call meetings. Now, I have a new zest for life. I feel that I was a decade from dropping dead. I feel I've gained 20-30 years.

Great job Dan!


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