Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Arline Makes Major Breakthrough in Behavior

Arline is a successful client of mine on the Medifast weight loss plan. She's lost over 50 lbs. We had a conversation the other day about the importance of continuing to keep in contact with your health coach through all 3 phases of the plan. She is now in maintenance and continuing to use the skills she learned during weight loss to keep her in those size 6 jeans!

Yeah, Arline!! You go girl!   Here's what happened and what she did.

"My husband was eating haystacks (which I of course really like) and I told him how good it smelled but that I was wearing my size six jeans and that felt better".

Like so many people, including myself, a person gets to the maintenance phase of their diet and things get a little bit scary. Your thoughts tend to turn to, "OK, I just lost all this weight AGAIN and can I really maintain it, long-term"?

From my perspective the answer is yes, as long as certain skill sets are in place. I tell every single client when they are thinking about starting their weight loss journey with me; they must make a commitment to the entire program or I cannot see long-term results happening for them.

It has everything to do with your thoughts about food. What is going on in your head just before you make a decision about food? If you are entertaining the same thoughts you had before you lost 80 lbs, that former thought process will not support good health or long term result.

It takes time to connect the "old" mind to the new body once you have lost weight. One critical step is to maintain your support system. You must continue to work on a new set of behavioral skills with someone. That person keeps you accountable until the new skill becomes permanent. New circumstances at your new weight will show up and working on the behavioral skills is more important than ever.

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  1. Congratulations to Arline! I, too, just hit 51 lbs., but I'm only halfway there. I already worry about 'after goal'. Thanks for a great post!

    1. Hi Patti! Thanks for the comments. Congrats on your own success! Keep doing exactly like you have been and you'll hit your mark:) Stay close to your coach.

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