Thursday, February 14, 2013

25 Pound Weight Loss Story!

Sheree's Skinny Burgers
Congratulations, Sheree!

25 pounds has left her body by following the Medifast meal plan. And she doesn't want them back! Sheree also met her weekly “new habit” goal by coming up with different ideas for her lean & green meals so she would not get bored. This involved going to the store and taking the time to really shop, read labels, ingredients and make healthy choices that were compliant.

During our coaching call tonight, Sheree and I began talking about different Medifast recipes she has found online and I learned she has already come up with some new, great recipes. She really enjoys cooking and has promised to write out each one, take a picture and send them to me to post. I’m really excited for everyone following this blog because they are GREAT!

Just to give you an idea….look at the picture she sent of compliant “skinny burgers” she recently made. I don’t know about you but they look uum good to me!

Once again, congratulations for completing this week’s exercise and the awesome weight loss in 6 weeks!

Stay tuned as we come up with a cool “chef” name for Sheree, and start posting her recipes.

Let us know your favorite Lean & Green recipes and also any involving the Medifast meals.
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