Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tony's Amazing 92 Pound Weight Loss Story!

Tony Lost 92 pounds!

I have had the pleasure of being Tony’s health coach while on the Medifast weight loss plan. Tony has a deep compassion for others and from the very beginning, while being focused on his and his wife’s own health, Tony has always been thinking about others and how he can reach out to help people take control of their own health so they can enjoy life to the fullest. He is a true inspiration to many folks.

Tony’s Story :
"I got up to 315 and have now lost about 92 pounds and I am striving to lose 115 pounds by Christmas. I started in January and lost about 20 pounds on a different diet. Then, our doctor recommended we try Medifast…he has lost over 90 pounds himself on it. After him suggesting it to us two different times, my wife and I decided to give it a try. 

We began last April, and since then, she has lost an additional 44 pounds for a total of 62 and I have lost an additional 72 for a total of 92. We have been on numerous diets over the last 25 years and have never been successful. Medifast is the first program we have tried where not only have we been successful, but we have also found it to be fulfilling, easy to use, easy to travel with, easy to go socialize with, easy to remain focused on and not get burned out or tired of, and best of all, a diet that rarely are we hungry during the day and focused on food or the next meal. We also have not had to exercise a great deal to lose the weight.

We have seen our blood levels improve, our blood pressure improve, I was able to get off my C-Pap/sleep apnea machine, I can bend over and tie my shoes and cross my legs while sitting. I also have seen significant improvements in my circulation, and of course significantly increased levels of self-confidence! 

We have recommended it to numbers of people and carry Lennie’s business cards so we can help others be successful. We can without hesitation or reservation recommend the diet to anyone! In combination with our pursuit of the spiritual root of our overeating and Medifast, we are thrilled and thoroughly enjoying ourselves!

If your clients are looking for a great book on seeking the root cause of their overeating, we would recommend reading, Made To Crave".

Note from Your Diet Diva: Made To Crave also has a "Made To Crave Action Plan Book" available as well. 

                            Can you see why I LOVE what I do:)  Your Diet Diva 


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