Sunday, June 24, 2012

4 Secrets to Losing Weight While On Vacation In Hawaii

I get excited every time a client has a win. Today I’m going to share with you a BIG win one of my clients has recently experienced. Here goes;

My client, Anne, just returned from 2 weeks in Hawaii. Before leaving on her fabulous Hawaiian trip, Anne had been on the Medifast meals for one month and had lost 15 lbs. She was so excited about her weight loss and at the same time anxious about the upcoming trip. In the past she always equated vacation-time with weight gain and now she had lost more in one month eating the Medifast meals than she had the entire time on any other program. I understood her anxiety because I had experience the same thing at one point in my life, before going on the same program.

Before leaving Anne and I talked about eating strategies. We came up with a plan that she thought could work. She packed a variety of Medifast meals to use as snacks for the times she might get herself in a situation where dinner got delayed or she found herself being tempted by some tropical goody.

I tend to get like a “mother hen” when one of my clients is nervous about a big event or upcoming vacation. I couldn't wait to hear from Anne once she returned.

It started with an email. Anne contacted me to let me know she returned and was excited. She couldn’t wait to share the good news. Our time to talk over the phone is on Saturday mornings and I was excited to hear what she had to say.

Right on time, she called. Her voice was so “happy” as she immediately told me she had lost 2 lbs while being in Hawaii for 2 weeks! When I hear the sound of someone’s voice like Anne sounded that day I wish I could share it with the worldJ It warms the heart.

Not only had she lost 2 more pounds….the shorts and dresses she took on the trip were ones she had not been able to wear for years. She could not get over the inches lost in such a short time. She felt like a million bucks wearing those clothes again.

I asked her what made this particular trip different from all the years before when she gained weight. Anne was happy to share her secrets.

Want to know her secrets?

Secret # 1  She went to the large dinners and thought of the food as an appetizer. With that in mind she ate just small amounts of her favorite foods each time.

Secret #2   She kept Medifast snacks and bars with her every time she left the hotel This way she had a small nutritious meal to eat every 3 hours. This allowed her blood sugar to remain stable throughout each day..

Secret #3   She got some form of activity in every day. Some days it was simply walking. Other days it was swimming.

Secret # 4   She drank water, lots of water and stayed hydrated the entire time.

What tips can you share that have helped you maintain your weight while traveling?


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