Sunday, June 24, 2012

12 Most Important Steps For Weight Loss Success

1. Evaluate your situation in the very beginning and the reasons behind your weight gain honestly. It's difficult to accept the true facts about why we've gained weight. Reflect on your daily habits and accept what you learn about yourself so you can deal with it using a positive attitude.  The Medifast meals are a great tool to lose the weight. The changes in your habits are what matter most.

2. Create a visual inspiration. Take a picture of yourself before starting the program or find a family photo. Put it somewhere you go often. I had a copy of mine on my bathroom mirror and one on my pantry door. As you lose weight, take  pictures and place them next to the other pictures to see your fabulous progress!!! Your smile will light up the room:)

3. Change your mind set. If you think you can’t……guess what, you can’t. If you think you can……guess what you can! Listen and pay attention to what you are thinking. Your thoughts become your actions. And, Tell yourself, “I have control over what I chose to eat. The way to make cravings go away is to not give in to them. Eventually the strongest cravings give up and go away. .

4. Celebrate daily. Take it one step at a time! There is no need to look far ahead, because what is happening right now, today is most important. Remember: It's those small steps taken each day in the right direction that add up to a lot.

5. Weigh yourself weekly. Keep track of your progress by a weekly weigh-in. This keeps your motivation strong.

6. Measure yourself once a month. Measuring yourself every 4 weeks will add to your motivation. Once you’ve measured yourself add up the total inches lost to that date. Then find a piece of yarn or string and cut a piece off that matches the total inches lost. Hang it somewhere where you can see it every day..maybe tie it to your mirror in your car. Reflecting on that visual aid is empowering.

7. Find a power partner!! Having a friend, co-worker, or spouse or all of the above to support you or even join you on the Medifast plan will not only help you stay motivated, it will make your journey more fun!

8. Persevere. Too many times we think the road to weight loss success is a straight line from point A to point B. And we give up after one set-back. It’s a zig-zag back and forth. It sometimes feels like the drunk missing the step up to the sidewalk. Up, down, try again.  It’s a journey full of switch-backs as you learn about yourself and incorporate new habits, one at a time.

9. Read, read, & read. Have the right reading in front of you at all times. Give up 15 minutes of TV time to read a book on personal growth.   Purchase Dr. Wayne Andersen’s Habits of Health book.  Commit to reading a chapter before going to bed each night.  We ultimately become what we read or hear and accept as the truth.  Make sure it's the right stuff!

10. Reward yourself often! Don’t wait until you have reached your big goal! Reward yourself for every 10 or 20 pounds lost by getting a manicure, a pedometer,exercise equipment, new walking shoes, or a motivational book.

11. Exercise. There’s nothing better than the adrenaline rush you get after a vigorous walk or work out! Plus, exercising helps you tone your new body and is an important component of maintaining your weight once you get to your goal.

12. Keep Track! There is an excellent online tool found at This is one of the great tools you can use to monitor your daily progress. There's an online daily journal where you can fill it with your challenges and your successes. A place for you to keep track of everything you eat and drink during the day. Write in your exercise, type and time spent. The steps on your Pedometer, etc... End your evenings by summarizing your day.  This life is not a dress rehearsal, this is the only chance you get. Let's make it healthy and vibrant.  
                                    What have used that's been an important weight loss tool? 


  1. These are excellent ideas Lennie. We have applied many of them without even knowing it. To have this support is SO helpful.

    Like many find is not an easy journey...many ups and downs, but ALWAYS stay on track. We have been rewarded with the fantastic results by staying true to the program. It works! If you are doubtful, try it. You won't be disappointed.

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