Saturday, April 7, 2012

Top Ten Attitude Enhancers

Top Ten Attitude Enhancers to help you achieve your dreams and aspirations!! You can do it!!!

1. Create a visual inspiration.
We ask that you take a picture of yourself before you start your TSFL program. Put a copy of it in
the inside cover of your journal and on the refrigerator or bathroom mirror. As you lose weight, take
new pictures and place them next to the other pictures to see your fabulous progress!!!
2. Change your mind set.
If you take negative phrases out of your vocabulary such as “No”, “I can’t”, or “I’ll try” and replacing them with “Yes!”, “I can” and “I will” “I want to”...will keep you on a forward course for success.
3. Celebrate daily.
Take it one step at a time! There is no need to look far ahead, because what is happening now is most important.
4. Weekly weigh in. 
Keep track of your progress by a weekly weigh in. You will want to have a pair of jeans that fit you perfect on “day 1” to try on at the time of your weigh in. This way you will see the steady decrease of your weight and the steady bagging of your pants!
5. Choose a great Buddy!! 
Having a friend, co-worker, or spouse or all of the above to help you or join you with your program will not only help you stay motivated, it will make your journey more fun! You may want to start a support meeting with your buddy to go over your weight loss success, your journal, and exercise together!
6. Stay away from bad influence!
Avoid people who try to sabotage threatened by your decision to get healthy. Whatever the reason...stay
away! If it is your spouse that is sabotaging your program, then have a discussion with them and explain how important getting healthy is to you and that their support for your efforts is much appreciated! Hopefully they will have a change of heart and possibly join you too!
7. Set secondary goals
to help you reach your primary goal. Sometimes your secondary goal may not be something that you enjoy but it is needed to reach your primary goal. The outcome will be well worth your effort!
8. Reward yourself often!
Don’t wait until you have reached your big goal! Reward yourself for every 10 or 20 pounds lost by getting a manicure, exercise equipment, new walking shoes, or a motivational book.
9. Exercise Daily. 
There’s nothing better than the adrenaline rush you get after a vigorous walk or work out! Plus, exercising helps you tone your new body and is an important component of maintaining your weight once you get to your goal.
10. Write your Success Story!
Keep a daily journal and fill it with your challenges and your successes. Keep track of everything you eat and drink during the day. Write in your exercise, type and time spent,The steps on your
Pedometer, etc... End your evenings by summarizing your day and setting a new goal for tomorrow.

Article courtesy of Dr Wayne Andersen and Habits of Health


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