Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

I know a glass of wine or a low-carb beer seems harmless when on a diet like Medifast. In fact some recent studies have even shown the health benefits of a glass of wine each day.

With the no-carb generation taking hold of all the headlines, the wine and drink industries have jumped on board now boasting low-carb on their labels. Wine producers have even lobbied for permission to use a "heart-healthy" label on their bottles.

The unfortunate thing I see happening is people are starting to equate this new labeling with weight loss. I will hear things like "I didn't think it would matter, there were no carbs listed on the labeling."

My response is always, "I understand but nothing could be further from the truth".

Beer, wine and straight alcohol may not have carbohydrates but they do have calories. Empty calories. Your body burns off alcohol calories first before it uses fat-stores. For this reason alcohol will take you completely out of the fat-burning state and slow your weight loss down.

There is another reason alcohol is not a good idea while trying to lose weight on any program; it can loosen your resolve to lose weight and blunt your reasoning about the choices you make.

You do not need to quit socializing while on the Medifast program. Make wise choices and use some healthy alternative that will not slow down your weight loss progress. I highly recommend the new Crystal Light Margarita or Mojito with just 5 calories. Most stores now carry them or you can find them online at
Mix up one these drink mix, pour into your favorite margarita glass and you will feel like you are part of the social occasion AND be getting in a serving or two of water for the day.


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